Jan. 13, 2020

32. The Good Life, The Greek Life (Sorority Special)

Ashli and Kacie join Debra, Diana, and Jesi to talk about a donut entrepreneur, PB&J for credit, an amazing UNL student, and sorority sisters. 

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Baby on the Brehm 

Get Organized Omaha 

Wear the Damn Swimsuit

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Ashli Brehm Profile Photo

Ashli Brehm

Author, Speaker, Blogger

Ashli Brehm is a speaker, blogger, and author of Wear the Damn Swimsuit: Lessons and Stories from Cancer and Life. Her book reflects on her life and experiences with breast cancer in a series of heartfelt and humorous vignettes.

Kacie Ferrazzo Profile Photo

Kacie Ferrazzo

Professional Organizer, Blogger

Kacie Ferrazzo is a professional organizer, blogger, and owner of Get Organized Omaha.