June 15, 2020

54. Untamed (Special Guests Vida Ghaffari and Nadia Davari)

Debra, Diana, and Jesi are joined by actress Vida Ghaffari and entertainment lawyer Nadia Davari to discuss the reopening of Hollywood, the unexpected source of an eyelid lump, the Greenwich Time Lady, a teddy bear coaster, and a marriage to a ghost.

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Vida Ghaffari Profile Photo

Vida Ghaffari

Journalist, Actor, Blogger

Vida Ghaffari is a journalist, blogger, actress, and voiceover artist. She has an extensive list of acting credits and has covered annual local events from Skid Row to Beverly Hills for the Hollywood Times as well as her new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, www.soveryvida.com.

Nadia Davari Profile Photo

Nadia Davari


Nadia Davari is an experienced attorney whose practice bridges entertainment, new media, corporate and business law. Nadia works with a wide range of clients including digital media companies, new business start-ups, production companies, movie studios, television networks, investors, and "talent" representation.