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I love this!


It’s in the title

I’m always fascinated but what I learn and the ladies of Spark My Interest are hilarious!

Funny banter to live by

I never know what’s going to come out of Deborah or Diana’s mouth (i.e. pink like my …)! It always makes me laugh to the point where I am giggling about it hours later. Jesi keeps the twins grounded, but her responses add dimension to the quick and hilarious trio! Can’t get enough of these random moments caught on tape😂

Don’t have smart and funny friends?

This podcast is a perfect blend of fun, wit, and interesting bite size stories. If you’re looking for a podcast that feels like a kickback afternoon bbq with a healthy dash of murder stories and lots of chuckles, come hang out with these cool kids.

Honestly ameeeeeeeezing.

Such a great dynamic. Love this podcast.


My mind enjoys all the stories and makes my week!!! I love hearing my son’s voice when he appears as a guest!!! Love them!!


So interested in the obscure amazing topics that they cover !!!!

Super fun

These three are so fun to listen to — quick wit, quirky discoveries. And the production quality is A . Give it a listen!

Love it

I feel like we’re best friends! Great podcast... keep them coming!

My all time fav podcast

I ran into the Podcast’s link on Twitter a few months ago, and I became a fan from the first listen. This is actually the only Podcast that I bother following *religiously* every week lol, because I KNOW I will laugh every time and my interest will be sparked with their stories. Those ladies are fun, smart, relatable, and you’re seriously missing out if you’re not listening to them! -Ray


This is fun. Interesting stories you would normally miss in the news that is discussed in a (usually) light way. The 3 hosts are funny and the production value is extremely high. Subscribed

Interest sparked. Literally.

From the very beginning of season 1, I’ve love love loved listening to this trio tell tales ripped from the headlines and always mean to add a nice, “witty and fun” as a review. BUT. Today’s listen — rekindling a nightmare — had me laughing as I took my daily walk and now, I type as I walk (not through traffic, Karen). From drunk elephants due to ADHD or some sort of gene situation shared by brainiac, Jesi, to Diana delivering the final story as a Valley Gal talking about killer hornets, I was there for it and also left with my mouth agape. The middle story was something I’ve never heard of and was completely fascinated by. Consider me sparked! Thanks for continuing to provide interesting, witty, and smart segments. Y’all are the best.

Not to be missed!

This is such a fun and playful podcast. The 3 hosts’ personalities mesh brilliantly together. They find all sorts of interesting stories, and their thoughtful and hilarious commentary is an added bonus. Learning new things all the while laughing out loud - it’s not to be missed!

Great after a murder podcast

I tend to listen to a lot of murder podcasts, and this one is a nice one to listen to after I get creeped out to calm me back down. Like listening to my sisters chatting away while I drive them around, only far more interesting :P

Crazy Stories!

A friend recommended this podcast I’m glad I listened! They find the craziest stories and I love their commentaries on them. They make me feel like I’m in the room with them chatting about weird news of the day. Definitely check this one out!

Time well spent

This podcast was recommended to me by a friend.. This is now my favorite podcast to listen to when I work. Love love love! Best time munching podcast.

Charming, funny, and thought provoking

I met Debra while I was playing in a Deee-Lite cover band. We spoke briefly during a set break, and she mentioned her podcast. I guess you could say it sparked my interest right then and there. Cut to months later, and I’m hooked. These ladies are fun, and the medium seems to suit them well. If you’re into genuinely funny conversation and weirdly interesting stories, this is your podcast. I’m so glad Debra is a Deee-Lite fan, otherwise I might not have known about this gem.

Entertaining, light-hearted listen

I only know Jesi in real life, but listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m friends with Debra and Diana as well. As an earlier review mentioned, it’s like having friends over without having to provide the wine 😆 These ladies are great together and provide the listener with hilarious news and personal stories, and are thoroughly entertaining.

Sorority Special

I loved listening to the sorority special because it took me back, ok waaay back! I think it was mentioned on the episode and I agree, it felt as if I had just hung out with dear friends Debra and Diana. Jesi, I don’t know you but I’m pretty sure we would hang out! You ladies are awesome!


Totally hooked on this fantastic, irreverent podcast!

So fun!

Totally entertained on my way home! Just as if I’m at happy hour with my girls.

These girls make my Monday

I've been looking for a funny podcast to make my commute more tolerable. These girls deliver every time. Thanks for helping me laugh my way through traffic!

Color me entertained!!

These girls describe their finds and every day experiences in a way that is easily imagined as if you’re there and living it yourself:) You’ll cry...from laughter!!

Always interesting!

These ladies are so funny and smart, it feels like you’re just at brunch with friends talking about interesting new things you read. It makes you wish you could join in too! Love the totally fascinating (and random!) articles they’ve come up with so far. Short and sweet, and perfect for my commute to work!


So funny and informative! Subscribe and I promise you won't regret it.

Fun, entertaining, and unique.

These three women each bring an interesting story from the news to discuss with each other, and then they pick the best one. But that’s just the conceit. What makes this a great podcast is the chemistry they have with each other, the intelligence they all posses, and the blend of humor with information. Well done!

Down to earth, real talk

These three girls are witty and pick relevant topics that you can relate to. It is a nice dose of “real talk” in a world that is often missing candid honesty of thoughts and emotions.

Love them!

Time well spent! I love listening to these three gals!

One of my favorites!

Love these girls! Always make me laugh and enlighten me at the same time! Looking forward to more in 2020!

Smart talk from smart people

Funny Intelligent conversation on everyday subjects. Like sitting with interesting friends.