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Funny and knowledgeable

Wasn’t expecting to like this, but these ladies are really kind of comical and I learn something every episode. I actually look forward to Mondays because my drive into work is fun listening to them. Treat yourself and subscribe.

It’s the Best!

I look forward to this podcast every Monday! These three girls will make you laugh, make you think and make your day. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out.

It’s like listening to my girlfriends!

This is a great podcast to have playing while you’re trying to get things done. They keep you entertained the whole time! Subscribe!

The Friendship is Palpable

You can tell that these ladies have known each other for a long time, as their conversations are so easy to listen to. The stories are fun and each episode I feel like I learn something interesting. Definitely give it a listen!

Great Company

These ladies make great company around the house when I’m doing chores. Listening to them is like having your friends over without having to feed them or provide wine. Highly recommend!

What a Great Podcast!

I'm so glad I found it! Jesi, Diana and Debra are a delight! They're smart, intelligent, funny and the chemistry between them comes right through! Their subjects/articles are very interesting, and I enjoy the back and forth discussion/banter! Keep up the great work Girls!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Very funny and smart at the same time!

What an enjoyable show. I love the back and forth between everyone. I can't wait to see an episode on video so I can tell if it's Debra or Diana talking! Keep sharing funny and cool stories with us while adding your perspective. I enjoy it. ~ Amani

They have my Interest!

Hilarious and charming! Love hearing about random news stories and I adore these ladies perspectives. It's like and fun, exactly the kind of escape we all need from depressing news stories. Thanks for the laughs!

Couldn’t imagine my life without this podcast!!

This podcast is everything a wonderful podcast should be! Incredible chemistry and content that keeps me coming back week after week!! I get so excited when a new episode drops!!! Make sure you subscribe, you will not be sorry!!!! Amazing job ladies!!!!


This podcast is a real treat. Full of fascinatingly unique news stories told by three very charismatic and charming hosts that capture your attention. I enthusiastically look forward to new episodes and is one of my go to podcasts every week.

Absolutely the best

No idea what I would do without this show! Great chemistry and all around amazing vibes. Subscribe now; trust me!

Love this show!!

These girls are hilarious! I look forward to every podcast and never come away disappointed! Keep up the great work!!

Incredibly funny !!

So glad I stumbled upon their show. Extremely funny and honestly the highlight of my week. Keep em coming

Funny and entertaining!

Started listening to this podcast a while back. It feels like hanging out with close friends. Everyone is funny and smart and they find the most fascinating news. I’ve definitely learned things I didn’t know before and my interest has been sparked due to several pieces they’ve discussed. It’s a great listen and highly recommended.

Wasn’t expecting it to be so funny

These ladies have a chemistry that really cracks me up at unexpected times. Great commentary on the articles. They could honestly be worth listening to even without the articles. But the articles are interesting!

NPR with your favorite girlfriends

Pour a glass of wine and sit back and relax while Debra, Diana, and Jesi talk about stories that are stranger than fiction. Funny witty banter and unique insight make this podcast a scrumptious morsel. Highly recommend.

Love it!

Great podcast with smart funny ladies. It’s like chatting with your friends about funny weird stories.

Yes to the ladies!

When I need to remember that there are bigger problems in the world outside of mine, not the least of which is the tragic misuse of bull semen, this is my go-to podcast. Love. It.

Ignited my interest!

Beware of the cat filter! I instantly subscribed only a few minutes into the Baker's dozen episode. The hosts are fun and interact very well with each other. The length of the podcasts are great as I can fit them inbetween work meetings. Glad to have come across this podcast. Subscribe and listen now!

Love this Podcast!

Spark My Interest is a perfect podcast that makes you think and laugh out loud! It’s perfect for my interminable LA commute and I find that my interest is sparked long after listening as well. I highly recommend this podcast that makes you feel like you are part of the conversation and part of the fun!

Perfectly fun listening!

What a great way to plow through monotonous traffic! These ladies bring some interesting articles that have made me laugh, ponder, and say “What the f@$&?”. Their clever incites and personal stories add to these obscure articles in a way that keeps me an avid listener. Thanks Debra, Diana and Jesi for helping make my commute more like hanging out with close friends! Keep sparking!

Like listening to your best friends

LOVE THIS! LOVE THEM! Funny ladies with great commentary on life’s little stories. Great podcast for commuters. These three will keep you laughing and brighten your day. Highly recommend!!!!

One of my new favorites!

Three funny, insightful, intelligent women, talking about bizarre and unusual news. Their dynamic makes you wish you were there in the room! Relatively short episodes, easy to listen, easy to digest, and always fun and interesting. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Tell it...

Go ahead... tell the story about the grey faced me crawling...and Sadie. OMG Master Softy!! How were you not laughing!? 🤣😂

Funny and I Learn Something New

I like these girls. They make me laugh plus they come up with three randomly interesting topics in every episode. Two episodes in and I’m already hooked.

News you don’t normally hear about

I love the obscure articles the three of them find. I learn something new with each pod cast episode. Can you attach the articles you reference?